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Why You Should Purchase Organic Brown Tender Coconuts?

Posted by Admin on August, 21, 2021

Coconuts belong to the family of palm trees and are considered to be the only living species of the genus Cocos. The word coconut was derived from an old word of the Portuguese language, ‘coco’ that meant “ head” or “skull”. Such a name was given to the fruit due to the three indentations that are present on the shell of a coconut that resembles those features of the human face.

Coconuts are also a cultural icon for the coastal tropical areas. The scientific name of this fruit is Cocos nucifera. Coconuts are probably one of the most useful trees which also gives it the name of ‘ tree of life ‘. It provides a wide variety of products ranging from food, fuel, medicines, oils, cosmetics to building materials and others. There are several advantages of consuming the organic brown tender coconut:

● Great source of nutrition: Brown coconuts are considered to be extremely rich in several nutrients. These include proteins, important minerals and Vitamin B. The minerals that are present in a brown tender coconut might help in completing several bodily functions of the human body. This is the exact reason why doctors often advise their patients to consume coconut or its water.

Being significantly rich in manganese, coconuts help in maintaining the overall health of bones and the metabolism process. This metabolism process involves carbohydrates, proteins and cholesterol.

● Improved heart health: According to an organic brown tender coconut supplier consumption of coconuts have helped in reducing the risks of heart health in most of their clients. It also helps in balancing cholesterol levels and reducing excess belly fat.

Coconuts are known for first originating in the Central Indo-Pacific regions that are located between the Western parts of southeast Asia and Melanesia. Earlier coconuts were domesticated by the Austronesian people who lived by the islands of South East Asia.

Since then a number of different civilizations and cultures had used coconuts for several different purposes like as a building material for building the boats of the Austronesians. The palm trees where coconuts grow can stand up to thirty meters that means almost one hundred feet. And each coconut tree can grow up to seventy-five to a hundred coconuts per year.

According to certain calculations that were conducted after some studies and research work it was found that almost seventy-five per cent of coconuts that are supplied to the world are mostly from three countries. These countries are India, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Tamil Nadu in India is widely popular for its coconuts of high quality. There are companies that provide the best quality organic brown tender coconut in India. These coconuts not only are known for their qualitative taste and purity but also known for all the important nutrients that are found in them.

These include vitamins, minerals, proteins. The prices are also set by keeping in mind the market rate which makes them automatically cheap and affordable. An organic brown tender coconut is produced only with organic materials in the production process without any use of harmful pesticides or chemicals.

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